Golf lesson helps Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre build teamwork and skills

Three young people at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) were given the opportunity to take part in a golf lesson, supported by Novus and the Golf Foundation. Through the lesson, the young people were taught key golf skills. Encouraged to reflect on their golf swing, they discussed how to change their game and play particular shots better. This reflection ensured the young people managed any emotions and frustrations and they were similarly encouraged to support their team players with encouragement and by allowing them to focus.

The feedback from the young people was overwhelmingly positive, and employees at Rainsbrook STC and Novus are keen to develop this initiative, transferring the positive behaviour and thought-processes that sport lessons encourage into the classroom environment. With the support of the Golf Foundation and HSBC, these young people have been given a great opportunity which we are excited to further develop and grow.


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