How a PSO and our partners worked together to support a service user

A service user who is currently being supported on his Education, Training and Employment (ETE) needs) by our partner Family Action has been supported by the team to find accommodation and food.

After a Family Action facilitator was concerned by the service user’s situation, she raised a concern with probation about his welfare. The service user was distressed, saying he had no money and was having to sleep on the streets.

Probation Service Officer Miroslava Zeliznakova was asked to refer the service user to St Mungos, offer him a food voucher and check whether he had made a housing application – completing it for him if not.

Miroslava leapt into action, contacting the council to ascertain the situation. After finding that the service user did not know his National Insurance number, she arranged a call for the Department for Work and Pensions to find this out.

Miroslava then referred the service user to St Mungo’s, contacting them to find out if it could be fast-tracked. When the service user explained he had food bank vouchers but couldn’t find an open food bank, she found the list of opening times for him.

After Miroslava and St Mungo’s quick work, the service user was found a space in a hotel the next day. ‘He was very grateful and very happy that he can sleep in a warm place,’ she said. ‘He has got a meal there three times a day.’

Miroslava’s Senior Probation Officer, Leanne McGrath, said ‘Miroslava went above and beyond to assist an extremely vulnerable service user. Her prompt and persistent actions ensured he went from sleeping in his car with no food to being accommodated and having three hot meals a day. He now has the opportunity to recover and a chance to remain away from crime.’


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