Justin Russell: CRCs 'starved of essential funding'

Chief Inspector of Probation, Justin Russell, has made the below statement where he talks about CRCs being “starved of essential funding”.

“The Transforming Rehabilitation reforms have severely tested the probation service over the past five years. Fundamental flaws in the original design of the contracts, particularly the payment by results mechanism, have starved Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) of essential funding. This has had a significant impact on the quality of supervision many CRCs have been able to deliver.

 “Today’s announcement is likely to be welcomed by many, but it is not a magic bullet for improving performance by itself. The probation service must be properly funded. The quality of probation supervision will not improve merely by lifting and shifting large volumes of cases from CRCs back into the NPS next year. Vacancies for probation officers must be filled and staff properly trained for their new responsibilities. The positive innovations that CRCs have brought with them – including decent office accommodation and a commitment to involving ex-service users in delivery – must not be lost.”


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  1. Brian Pederson

    ‘Lifting and shifting’ is really just pushing things about. What is needed are evidence based rehabilitative interventions that actively contribute to the ongoing desistance journey that many professionals and service users work hard to successfully complete. Good reliable evidence would help to produce good progression routes and maps for all to understand and work with.