Rainsbrook STC rolls out personalised sensory toolkits for the young people

Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) is rolling out an exciting pilot project for the young people in custody there, providing an opportunity for them to create their own personalised sensory toolkits.

This came about after successful sensory exploration sessions were run by the Nursery Nurse team across the STC. These were well received by the young people and those who took part had a reduction in their number of incidents.

Following the sessions, Rainsbrook STC successfully applied for funding to make sensory tools more widely accessible for the young people, resulting in sensory toolkits being provided to each young person in the centre.

The toolkits, funded by YCS reinvestment funds, allow each young person to choose items from a range of sensory modalities. Having tailored their toolkit, they now have quick and easy access to safe, sensory tools that support self-soothing and calming. The toolkits are part of Rainsbrook STC’s efforts to create a trauma-informed environment and daily approach.

Part of the centre’s Promoting Peace strategy, the project is incorporated in the ‘Specialist Tools and Assessment’ section, aiming to equip young people with specialist tools that they can take with them beyond their time in the  centre, supporting them further in the community.

Some young people will have never been introduced to sensory activities and tools and they can be incredibly important in supporting young people diagnosed with ADHD, autism or sensory processing disorders, as well as those who have experienced trauma.

Supported by the MTC Psychology team, notably Assistant Psychologist Angela Coyne, the project has also been driven by the young people who all participated in selecting their toolkits. One young person designed the logo for the toolkit which has now been printed onto all the sensory toolkit bags.

The contents of the bag include supporting information leaflets that provide guidance on each tool’s benefits and use. These include pictorial representations to ensure accessibility, and were produced by the NHS Speech and Language therapist at Rainsbrook STC.

The young people were eager to receive their sensory toolkits, and employees are all looking forward to the wider roll out across the next few weeks.


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