Press notice: Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre: Ofsted Urgent Notification

MTC recognise the severity of this urgent notification and remain committed to strengthening and improving our work at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC).

Following Ofstedā€™s initial recommendations, we immediately installed new leadership and implemented measures to improve and strengthen governance and management oversight at the centre.

Over the past four years, MTC has committed significant investment into Rainsbrook STC, investing in employee training, new ICT systems and introducing new management disciplines. Previous Ofsted reports have acknowledged the improvements made since we took over in 2016 and recognised that children and young people now have dedicated care officers, key workers and are supported by a forensic psychology team. They also reported that training, pay and conditions have improved for colleagues under our management.

We recognise there is more work to do to improve the centre and we do accept more should have been done during this challenging period. We understand what changes we need to make to ensure this does not happen again. We are confident the new leadership and the new measures will deliver safe and effective services that will protect and safeguard the children and young people in our care.


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