World Book Day at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre

Children at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) celebrated World Book Day with our education partner Novus arranging a visit by poet #PoetWithPunch Matt Windle.


Matt was Young Poet Laureate from 2007 to 2008, and Poet Laureate of Birmingham from 2016 to 2018. Matt is also a boxer and boxing coach, and uses #PoetWithPunch to describe his work, which focuses on rhythm, rhyme and action. With the children put into five groups, Matt spent an hour with each group, helping them to write their own piece of poetry.

In the groups, the children shared a book they have read and enjoyed, while employees read extracts from novels and other books. All children were presented with a brand new book from Novus for them to read and enjoy as part of the celebrations.

Literacy month in Rainsbrook STC

This is the launch of Novus’s literacy month in the centre, and new head of education Stephen Murphy is also planning ‘The Rainsbrook Reader’: an educational newsletter where the children will take the initiative.

The Rainsbrook Reader will see the children writing about events in the centre and interviewing Stuart Jessup, Interim Director of Rainsbrook STC. The final newsletter will be published, and Novus teachers will be supporting the children’s work through literacy lessons.


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