Supporting literacy: MTC employees donate books to two organisations

Our parent organisation MTC US is celebrating 40 years of helping people turn their lives around this year. Created in the hope of changing lives, they have asked MTC UK to join them in supporting four community projects across 2021: literacy, hunger, mental illness and homelessness.

Improving literacy

For the first of these community projects, employees from MTC are being asked to donate books that will be distributed to Shannon Trust and Give a Book who will ensure they are being shared out among people in prisons, schools and community organisations, and giving them the opportunity to practice reading and improve their literacy skills.

In Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC), employees have been gathering book donations and purchasing new books for the children in our care. One employee reached out to her community and has collected over 200 books for the centre, and is working with charities and publishers to explore opportunities for the future.

Working with dedicated organisations

We are working with Shannon Trust and Give a Book to ensure books are given where they are most needed.

Shannon Trust are a literacy charity who work in every prison across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In 2020, 90 per cent of the people they work with went on to engage with other educational activities and programmes, and 60 per cent reported an increase in self-confidence. They actively encourage prisoners to mentor and encourage each other and the books they distribute through prison libraries are specifically selected as suitable for low-level readers.

Give a Book is a charity dedicated to promoting books and reading in prisons, schools in deprived areas and with disadvantaged children. Current projects and recipients include; School Breakfast Book Clubs, Prison Reading Groups, Mother & Baby Units, Books for First Nighters, Prison Family Days and various literacy projects. They also do a whole school reading project in a different school every year. Their core belief is that to pass on a good read-to give a book-is a transaction of lasting worth.

To encourage donations from our employees, MTC has pledged to match all book donations to both the Shannon Trust and Give a Book.


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