MTC response to Ofsted's press release about Rainsbrook STC

“The welfare of the children we look after at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) is our utmost priority. Our dedicated and professional team have worked tirelessly to keep children safe and to address all of Ofsted’s recommendations.

“Since December 2020, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), we have addressed the issues behind the previous Urgent Notification (UN), appointed a new centre director and education provider and overhauled staff training, pay and conditions. No child is now isolated on admission and attendance in education has increased from 80 per cent in February to 100 per cent of children in the first weeks of June.

“Despite repeated requests, Ofsted continues to refuse to share with us the information that sits behind today’s assessment which reflects their initial feedback to us and the MOJ last Friday. We are deeply concerned, disappointed and frustrated that they have not and will not take on board our representations made so far. We strongly refute their findings and we will continue to vigorously challenge Ofsted as we proceed with the fact checking process.




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