Who we are

Our purpose – why we exist

Transforming lives by unlocking potential


Our vision – where we want to be

To be a recognised global leader in social impact because we empower people to make positive life choices.


Our mission – how we’re going to get there

Through our global experience in justice, education, training and employment services, we will deliver innovative skills-based learning that recognises people’s lived experiences, helping them realise their full potential and reduce economic and social inequality. That’s how we strengthen communities and transform lives.


Our values


We do what we say we will. We take responsibility for our actions. And we get real results, capturing the evidence that proves it.


We care about people and giving them an opportunity to transform their lives. We’re passionate about providing the right support and personal development opportunities for our employees.


We’re open about what we do and how we do it. This inspires trust in those we work with But it’s up to all of us to make sure we continually earn that trust.


We know we can’t transform lives on our own. So we collaborate closely with community organisations and like-minded partners, sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience.

Executive team structure

Responsible for making strategic decisions, our Group Directors and Directors work across all areas of the business.

Our team is made up of real experts with years of experience in the criminal justice sector. Their combined knowledge gives MTC the direction to best deliver quality services and deliver on our mission.

David Hood

David Hood

Vice President of International Business

Ian Mulholland

Ian Mulholland

Group Managing Director

Rayman Bains

Rayman Bains

Group Director of Social Value and Inclusion

Sarah Pavlou

Sarah Pavlou

Group Director of Finance