Evidence-based learning

Here at MTC we’re passionate about taking evidence-led approaches to our work, to drive quality service delivery and improve outcomes for our service users. Read on to find out more.

Transforming lives through evidence based learning

Whether supporting internal customers or external partners, our research aims to drive continuous improvement in our business strategy and practice – all under our mantra, ‘Learn, Inform, Act’. Our research strategy seeks to:

  • Support the continuous improvement of business practice – promoting a ‘What works’ approach in the criminal justice sector; sharing with both internal and external audiences
  • Evaluate current and new business initiatives – primarily focusing on service user engagement, experience and impact
  • Promote a ‘by design’ approach for research and data – systematically focusing on outcomes, outputs and inputs through a ‘connected data’ environment
  • Deliver routine surveys to benchmark service delivery – seeking input from service users, Unpaid Work beneficiaries, staff and CJS stakeholders
  • Develop ‘thought leadership’ articles to stimulate thinking – sharing learning, stimulating thinking and encouraging debate and development
  • Support business understanding and inform strategic initiatives – evidence-based.

Under MTC’s commitment to learning, we undertake evidence-based reviews of our services through both a mix of annual scheduling and in response to areas of interest that arise. Our reports and recommendations help business leaders understand what is working well and how to improve the quality of our services; enhance employee understanding and effective practice; and stimulate innovation.

Partnering with MTC’s Insights & Analytics team, we use the Tableau platform to visualise findings in an engaging way for the reader and, through which, they can explore key lines of enquiry in more detail to inform their understanding and decision making.


Our academic partners

MTC is proud and grateful to work with, and be supported by, notable academics including:

  • Fergus McNeil, Professor of Criminology and Social Work at the University of Glasgow
  • Professor Hazel Kemshall, De Montfort University
  • Professor Shadd Maruna; Queen’s University Belfast
  • Neal Hazel, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Salford University
  • Ruth Armstrong, Co-Director of Learning Together at the University of Cambridge
  • Professor Patricia MacCormack, Professor of Continental Philosophy Anglia Ruskin University
  • Kevin Wong, Associate Director of Criminal Justice , Policy Evaluation & Research Unit, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Professor Larry Sherman, University of Cambridge

We also seek to support external research work and if you’re interested in working with MTC please contact Johnny Rico.

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Articles, reports and podcasts

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MTC research team

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