MTC lecture series

In June 2019, MTC launched its Professional Lecture Series – welcoming employees, stakeholders and partners in the criminal justice system to a new series of professional events with influential speakers.

MTC has hosted lectures since then in complementary topics. Our lectures so far have included:

'Desistance and identity shift' (June 2019)

This event featured Fergus McNeil, Professor of Criminology and Social Work at the University of Glasgow; Neal Hazel, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Salford University; and Ruth Armstrong, Co-Director of Learning Together at the University of Cambridge and a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Criminology.

The lecture kick-started an organisational-wide exploration of how important identity is when understanding offending behaviour and how a shift to pro social narratives can be supported through meaningful engagement with service users.

Watch and learn

Discover a selection of short videos from each speaker below:

Professor Fergus McNeil on:

Professor Neal Hazel on:

‘The impact of trauma on identity’ (Sept 2019)

This event featured Dr Clare Holt & Joel Warkcup from Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre; Professor Patricia MacCormack, Professor of Continental Philosophy, Anglia Ruskin University and Andrea Farley-Moore, trauma specialist and London CRC Interventions Manager.

‘Serious Group Offending and Identity’ (Dec 2019)

This event featured Dr Esmorie Miller, lecturer in criminology (with a special interest in race and youth justice) at London South Bank University; Raymond Douglas, founder of and one of the UK’s leading thinkers and doers around reducing gang and serious violence, and Titi Ajiboye and Clinton Clair, specialist serious group offending Probation Officers from London CRC.

‘Coercive Control and Identity’ (March 2020)

This event featured Luke Hart, international domestic abuse advocate, author, keynote speaker and founder of; Dr Jane Monckton-Smith, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Gloucester; and Michael Still, specialist Interventions Manager (domestic abuse) from London CRC.

'Desistance voices' (virtual, December 2020)

This digital event featured guest speakers Professor Hazel Kemshall, De Montfort University and Professor Shadd Maruna, Queen’s University Belfast.

What’s next?

Our upcoming 2021 lectures will continue to build on our ‘Desistance: Theory, Voices and Practice’ series by hosting speakers including Christian Douglas, co-founder of Unique Talent CIC; Gethin Jones, author and founder of Unlocking Potential and Paula Reynolds, probation officer with lived experience of the impact of gangs after her son was stabbed.