MTC research team

MTC employs a dedicated research manager, John Rico, who undertakes a breadth of evidence-based learning and research activity to assist organisational learning, strategy and service improvement. Previously a Probation Officer in the United States, where he received a Masters in Criminology, John has been working in a professional research capacity in the business for the last eight years. He has produced over 90 reports across 30+ different subject matter areas within the criminal justice system and is currently undertaking a PhD.

In 2020, MTC introduced its Research Committee, with a governance remit across the whole of MTC, to stimulate a coordinated and systematic approach to MTC’s evaluation and research activity. Committee members represent all areas of MTC’s probation and prison service delivery, including its parent organisation in the US and delivery arm in Australia, as well as associate membership through MTC’s key academic partners.

The Committee is responsible for approving MTC’s research strategy and priorities, including the consideration of external research requests, and ensuring that research activity across probation, prisons and wider, related sectors will add value to MTC.