Custody services at MTC

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of custodial services in the UK. With an emphasis on desistence, decency and an utmost belief in humanity, we are confident about delivering a truly rehabilitative operating model.

Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre

We currently run Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC), using the NHS SECURE STAIRS trauma-informed framework with the Promoting Peace programme. You can read more about Rainsbrook STC on its dedicated page.

Meet our Custody team

Emma Tobin – Bid Director

Emma Tobin has joined MTC as our Bid Director, helping to construct bids for future proposals.

Andrew Dickinson – Director of Rainsbrook STC

Andrew Dickinson is our new Director of Rainsbrook STC and has previously led Wetherby Youth Offender Institute through a successful transformation and has since worked with the Youth Custody Service to lead its work on culture change.

 Our work abroad

As the third biggest provider of justice services in the US, MTC has a vast amount of expertise and experience. You can read about the custody work achieved by the US arm of MTC on their specific website.

We also work in Australia, running Parklea prison with Paul Baker as Governor. You can find more information about this on their website.

Looking ahead

With a healthy pipeline for prison contracts in the next ten years, we are planning to bid to operate several establishments. We will   operationalise desistence theory to support residents on their journey to becoming pro-social members of their community on release. We will create a culture of hope, safety and order.

We will also be bidding on Immigration Removal Centres (IRC) across the UK, aiming to offer decent and humane services in any IRC that we win.