Social Value at MTC

Social value is a key differentiator for MTC, and sits at the heart of what we strive to deliver. It’s also a key requirement of the Government in delivering outsourced services, and so as a contractual necessity it should be core to all our business.

At MTC, our purpose, vision and mission are all aligned to our key focus of providing Social Value. We see social value as the effect on individuals or communities that occurs from activities, policies or more that wouldn’t have happened without us.

Three core social missions

To add Social Value to MTC, we have created three social missions which align to our purpose, mission and values to maintain focus and scale our social impact. This will support us to transform lives to reduce social and economic inequality. These missions are:

  • Unlocking Potential fund
  • Learning from lived experience
  • Combatting Climate Change.

Unlocking Potential fund

We have committed £35,000 to seven organisations through the Community Integrator Fund (CIF) which has now evolved into our Unlocking Potential Fund.

We would like to double this funding over the next year to transform lives and unlock potential and play a role in reducing economic and social inequality.

Learning from lived experience

This ensures we are delivering the right services to people in the right way, to generate the best outcomes for them.

We will achieve this partially through hiring the right people to contribute, shape and lead our work.

Through this, we will also be creating a culture that helps us deliver services to a diverse client group.

MTC Conserves: combatting climate change

We’ll do this by managing our environmental impact, using our influence to encourage others to do the same.

We need to start measuring our impact today, so we have a benchmark to measure our performance year-on-year.