MTC empowers

The overarching target of MTC empowers is to get 200 ex-offenders and people from social and economic inequality backgrounds into sustainable employment either directly through our social impact investment programme or indirectly through Unlocking Potential Fund grants by 2030.

We will maximise our social impact through investing time, money and resources into projects and specialist partners that align to our mission of reducing social and economic inequality.


We will look to achieve this through two channels:

1. Social Impact Investing – we will aim to invest financially in social impact projects with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.
2. Unlocking Potential Fund grants – through donating time and money to a network of specialist charities that help to reduce social and economic inequality. Our corporate mission we be to get people form social and economically disadvantaged communities into sustainable employment but the grants will be tailored to needs of the communities we also operate in.

Woman working with machinery
1. Develop a social impact investment plan

Making our business case for investing into projects with real social impact.

2. Co-design and deliver two social impact bond projects

These will work with established organisations to support large scale projects that drive real change in communities.

3. Participate in thought leadership

We will use our knowledge and experience to produce forward-thinking and analytical thought leadership in the social value arena.

4. Grant plan

We will provide financial and professional services support to third sector partners, helping them deliver interventions and programmes that address socio-economic inequalities in local communities.

5. Measuring social impact

We will create and continuously develop a mechanism for measuring the social impact of all projects we support with grants.