MTC includes

Learning through lived experience

The overarching target of MTC includes mission is to mentor 100 people who are dependent on our services by 2030. MTC has a goal of employing 30 per cent of this 100 people and supporting a further 20 per cent of people into employment, through our mentoring programme.

What is lived experience?
We define lived experience as the direct personal experiences, both past and present, of people who have been impacted by social or economic inequality, or a combination of both.

MTC actively seeks to benefit from differing skills, knowledge and experience in order to provide the best services possible in order to create an employee culture around empathy, innovation and collaboration.
1. Define our offering

We will develop the outline of our new mentoring programme, ensuring we attract people from backgrounds of social and economic inequality.

2. Build a network

We will create and develop connections with diverse and relevant organisations to build effective organisations. This will include any recipients of financial support from our Unlocking Potential fund.

3. Managing the mentoring and training programme

We will ensure clear and productive management of the MTC mentoring programme with processes and policies to support decision making. We will make sure there is a clear onboarding process for any individuals joining as a mentee.

4. Designing the services

We will work out new ways in which people on MTC’s mentoring programme can input into the design of services we deliver, ensuring we benefit from lived experience.

5. Delivery

We will create clear pathways to ensure we can deliver the mentoring programme effectively and achieve our overall social mission target.

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